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Kerr's Pink - Maincrop Seed Potato

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Kerr's Pink - Maincrop Seed Potatoes - 2kg  (Certified Seed)

Kerr's Pink are a 'Maincrop' seed potato.  One of Ireland's favourite potatoes. A wonderful tasting dry, floury potato that is easy to grow. It has good blight resistance and good storage qualities. 

  • Pack Size - 2kg (Approx 25-30 tubers)
  • Potato Type - Maincrop
  • Shape - Oval
  • Skin - White/Pink
  • Texture - Very floury
  • Uses - Great All-Rounder

Seed Potato - Growing Tips

  • Before sowing it is important to 'Chit' the seed potatoes. 'Chitting' is allowing them to sprout before planting, in order to give them a head start. 
  • To 'Chit' the seed potatoes, spread the seed out in a box or ideally an egg-carton and place in a light cool area. Protect from frost.
  • Allow the sprouts to grow to around 2-3cm long prior to planting.
  • Planting can take place as soon as the risk of frost has passed in your area. March-May.
  • Prepare for planting by digging a trench 12-15cm deep and add fertiliser or manure.
  • Place the tubers in the trench 30cm apart with sprouts facing upwards, in rows 60cm apart. Cover with soil being careful not to damage the sprouts.
  • As the shoots appear above the ground they should be earthed up with soil to cover the plants. This should continue until you have a ridge of earth up to 15-20cm. This 'Earthing -Up' encourages higher yields, protects from frost and new tubers from sunlight.
  • Watering your plants well during the season will improve crop yield and discourage scab.
  • Keep an eye out for pests and blight warnings until harvest.
  • Harvesting Times -
    • First Earlies - June/July
    • Second Earlies - July/September
    • Maincrop - September/October

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