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Onward - Pea Seeds - Bulk Quantity 500g

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Product Description

Onward - Pea Seeds - Bulk Quantity - Supplied Loose - 500g

Onward Pea is the most popular of all garden peas. It has blunt ended pods that grow in pairs and contain large, plump peas with a superb sweet flavour. The plant is approx 75cm tall and will require support when growing. Easy to grow and produces large yields. Peas can be frozen if required and used throughout the year.

Supplied loose 500g. Increase quantity in shopping basket as required         

Peas Growing Tips

  • Prior to planting soak the dried seeds in water so encourage quicker germination.
  • Sow oudoors from April-June
  • Plant in well drained soil in full sun that has been prepared a few weeks in advance by incorporating compost/manure/fertiliser. Do not plant in freshly manured soil.
  • Make a broad flat bottomed drill 5cm deep and 10cm wide and place the peas in a double row approx 4cm apart.
  • Provide support for the plants to grow up and cling to eg bamboo canes.
  • Harvest - July - September


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